Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Be a Top Agent And Win Dead Pool !

Deadpool will join your ranks if you are among the best of 

the best in the current 24 day tournament season.

To win Deadpool, you must compete in 100 ranked 

tournament fights, practice fights do not count.

Be among the top 1000 at the end of the season.

So Basically Only 1000 Players from 2 Million Players Will have DeadPool as a reward in the end of this Season .. Do You Want to be One of them ? 
You have to take care of those important Points :

1. Your Agent Gear Must Be the latest and updated
2. Yo
u Must have all your ISO's in your Agent and your 2 Best Heroes Upgraded to Chaos Fragment x5 Gold
3. Your Heroes Must be Top Tier ( 90 CP )
4. Your PVP Bonus Must be More than 15k+
5. Your Hero Bonus in All Classes Must Be More than 100

6. Your Top Heroes You use in PVP MUST BE LEVEL 12 .. But how can you get 500,000 Silvers To Level Up your Heroes ?

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